To Purée or Not to Purée

There is definitely not a right or a wrong answer to this except: whatever works for you and baby.

i decided to go down the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) route as i found the idea of the baby being in charge of what and how she eats so good. Also to be honest i did not feel like getting all the kit to puree food and i have read really good reviews on BLW.  So why not give it a go.

i spoke with a colleague of mine a while ago and her baby is a week younger than mine. As things go you end up comparing things about development and feeding etc.  She tells me how difficult she find weaning her baby as he even has trouble with puree food.

Baby led weaning really worked for us and i will tell you all about it and websites and books i found helpful in our journey so far.

i found the book on Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett very helpful.  Obviously i did not follow it to the T, but it gave me great insight into the whole BLW subject.

Make sure to read it before your little one reach 6 months it helps to be informed before the weaning process starts.

When Mia started showing interest in eating, I gave her banana and peeled apples.  She started sucking on it and seemed to really enjoy it.  i slowly introduced steamed vegetable fingers at 6 months.  Now she basically eats anything and everything!

The great thing about BLW is that i did not have the problems with transition from the puree to the more lumpy food, as she learned how to chew her food from the start.  Ok so i had to sit next to her and make over exaggerated chewing motions with my mouth, but it worked!

Another benefit of BLW is that your baby will learn to feed herself very quickly.  i do give things like her cereal and yoghurt with a spoon, but i know of a hardcore BLW mom and her baby eats everything on her own except for yoghurt.  I can see how Mia’s hand coordination improved as the weeks passed and she has perfected the finger-pinch-grip picking up peas and corn.

The one thing that i found scare most moms from BLW is the choking hazard.  To date (touch wood) Mia has not choked on any of her food, because she decides on the size of the bite and she moves it around in her mouth herself.  Their gagging reflex is so well-developed that if she has trouble with a piece of food she gags and it moves to the front of the tongue and then out.

i am just happy that i do not have to force feed her with a spoon, because that scares me as i have seen moms do it, because the baby NEEDS to finish this bowl  of food.  Like i said she is in charge of how she eats and she is thriving and a happy eater!

i do try to be a bit creative at times and make some interesting finger-foods, but she does prefer plain food and as long as it is easy to pick up.  i found the following websites useful and even though i do not make all the recipes, it gives me meal ideas for my little one.


Miss Mouse Says: “Make sure your baby is in an upright position and never leave your baby unattended when eating! Safety first”



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